An overview of Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth, with lessons for other areas of social policy: An interview with Thaddeus Ferber, Vice President, Forum for Youth Investment – Episode #148

One of the most innovative new approaches in Federal policy is known as Performance Partnership Pilots, also called P3. In 2014, Congress authorized several Federal agencies, including Education, Labor and HHS, to enter into up to ten Performance Partnership agreements per year with states, regions, localities, or tribal communities. These agreements allow these jurisdictions to have additional flexibility in using discretionary funds across multiple Federal programs, in exchange for a commitment to achieve significant improvements for disconnected youth, meaning youth that are not in school and not working. The P3 concept, however, could in theory be applied to many other social policy areas as well.

To learn more, we are joined by Thaddeus Ferber, a Vice President at the Forum for Youth Investment, an organization that advocated for and helped bring about the P3 authorization.