Helping nonprofits build and use evidence through Project Evident: An interview with Kelly Fitzsimmons, Founder and Managing Director, Project Evident – Episode #156

Project Evident (@project_evident) launched earlier this year to help nonprofit leaders and their funders develop and implement multi-year evidence-building plans – plans that can help those nonprofits to provide evidence-based programs. The effort is lead by Kelly Fitzsimmons, formerly of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, and Scott Cody, formerly of Mathematica. One of the underlying motivations for the initiative is this: While many funders want to fund research that would lead to a third-party rigorous evaluation that measures program impact, nonprofits and funders often could use help in designing and implementing the steps that can lead to that type of rigorous evaluation work.

To learn more, we are joined by Kelly Fitzsimmons, the founder and the managing director for network and strategy of Project Evident.