Local perspectives on PerformanceStat: An interview with David Gottesman, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Greg Useem, City of Alexandria, Virginia – Episode #31

The “stat” approach, also called “PerformanceStat,” is a results-focused leadership strategy probably best known from CitiStat in Baltimore, but also used by dozens of local, state and federal offices and programs.

A key element involves “stat meetings” in which different agencies within a jurisdiction (or larger department) meet with  leadership every few weeks or months to review their performance measures and discuss ways to improve performance. It is designed to create an ongoing, data-driven, substantive discussion about what’s working, what’s not, and next steps for strengthening results.

To learn more about PerformanceStat at the local level, we’re joined by two leaders of performance management efforts in the Washington DC area:

  • David Gottesman is the CountyStat Manager for the Montgomery County Executive in Maryland; and
  • Greg Useem is the Chief Performance Officer for the City of Alexandria, Virginia and runs AlexStat.

Web extra: David Gottesman describes a new DC-regional network for performance management practitioners being launched in October 2013, in partnership with the University of Maryland. [click here] The effort is modeled in part on the StatNet initiative in New England.