How a small nonprofit in New Mexico achieves big good government wins: An interview with Fred Nathan, Executive Director, Think New Mexico – Episode #97

This podcast usually focuses on results-focused government, but our topic today is running a results-focused state think tank — with insights about making change that can be relevant more broadly.

If you’re not from New Mexico, you may not have heard of the nonpartisan nonprofit called Think New Mexico (@ThinkNewMexico). Its record of accomplishment, however, is worth paying attention no matter where you live. With only a four full time staff, plus interns, it has helped bring about a dozen landmark laws over the past 16 years.

To get insights into Think New Mexico’s unique approach, we’re joined by Fred Nathan. He founded Think New Mexico in 1999 and has served as its Executive Director ever since.

Web extra: Fred Nathan discusses Think New Mexico’s current initiative, infrastructure spending reform. [click here]