Five ways to bridge evidence-based policy & innovation: A video overview – Episode #68

Evidence-based policy and public sector innovation are sometimes seen as oppositional, but new efforts in the U.S. federal government have helped to bridge that divide, encouraging the use of both evidence and innovation. This brief video draws on that experience to provide five insights for federal, state and local policymakers.

Those insights include:

  • Ensure everyone (especially innovators)¬†understands the value of rigorous program evaluation
  • Frame evidence-building as a tool for learning, not just an “up or down” verdict
  • Use a behavioral insights team to strengthen a culture of experimentation, even in parts of government that are not used to¬†trying out new ways of operating.
  • Replace traditional grant programs with tiered-evidence grants, also known as innovation funds
  • Bridge “silos” within agencies by connecting experts to address key challenges