Insights from the FTC about promoting employee engagement: An interview with David Robbins, Executive Director, Federal Trade Commission – Episode #87

How can public agencies at the federal, state or local levels strengthen employee engagement? We get insights from the Federal Trade Commission. Since 2010, the FTC has been among the top three federal agencies in terms of employee engagement, according to the Employee Engagement Index, based on factors that facilitate employee engagement such as effective leadership and supervision, as well as work that provides meaning to employees. The index uses data from the Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVP) of nearly 400,000 federal workers in 37 agencies.

To learn more about what the FTC does to build and maintain strong employee engagement, we’re joined by David Robbins, the Executive Director. In his role, which reports directly to the Chairwoman, he oversees the administration and management of the agency. As background, the FTC has three main bureaus (consumer protection, competition, and economics) and about 1,200 employees. It has a dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition.