Using “C-Stat” in Colorado to drive results-focused human services: An interview with Ki’i Powell, Performance Management Director, Colorado Dept. of Human Services – Episode #41

C-Stat is a strategic management strategy launched in 2012 by the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) under Executive Director Reggie Bicha, serving under Governor John Hickenlooper. It is a tool that the Department uses to examine what’s working and what needs improvement. In particular, each of the five offices within the Department collects performance data on a regular basis and examines those data in monthly C-Stat meetings with the Executive Director and his executive team.

To learn more, we’re joined by Ki’i Powell who is the Performance Management Director at CDHS and oversees the day to day operations of C-Stat.

Web extras: Ki’i Powell talks about who is in the room for C-Stat meetings and what is the layout of the room. [click here]. (You can also see a diagram of the room layout here.) She also discusses a specific example of how C-Stat helped drive change on an important issue: increasing family contact with youth who are in correctional facilities. [click here]

Additional resource: In a related Gov Innovator interview, CDHS Executive Director Reggie Bicha speaks about KidStat, which he launched in his previous role as Secretary of the Department of Children and Families in Wisconsin. [click here]