Apprenticeship as an economic & workforce development tool in South Carolina: An interview with Brad Neese, Director, Apprenticeship Carolina – Episode #48

South Carolina has the fastest growing registered apprenticeship programs in the nation, with over 665 employers involved and over 10,000 apprentices as of June 2014. To discuss apprenticeship in South Carolina and the lessons it provides for other states, we’re joined by Brad Neese. He’s the director of Apprenticeship Carolina (@ApprenticeshpSC) a division of the South Carolina Technical College System. The mission of Apprenticeship Carolina is to ensure that all employers in the state have access to the information and technical assistance they need to create demand-driven registered apprenticeship programs.

The interview includes a discussion of how apprenticeship in South Carolina (“apprenticeship evolved,” as Neese calls it) has expanded beyond the skilled trades; how apprenticeship is used as an economic and workforce development tool; the role of Apprenticeship Carolina in promoting promoting registered apprenticeship in the state; and more.