The PerformanceStat Potential: An Interview with Bob Behn, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School – Episode #24

BobBehnBob Behn of the Harvard Kennedy School joins us to discuss some of the insights from his forthcoming [published in June 2014] book, The PerformanceStat Potential: A Leadership Strategy for Producing Results.

PerformanceStat is Professor Behn’s term for the numerous “Stat” initiatives around the nation that, together, constitute one of the most important developments in public management and leadership in recent decades. From CitiStat in Baltimore to StateStat in Maryland to HUDStat at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to dozens of other examples, the PerformanceStat approach is an accountability and leadership strategy that involves ongoing, data-driven meetings to review performance and discuss ways to improve performance.

Bob Behn is one of the nation’s foremost experts on performance management and on the leadership challenge of improving the performance of public agencies. He is the faculty chair of the Kennedy School’s executive program, Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results. He also writes the on-line monthly Bob Behn’s Performance Leadership Report.